Sivas - 1 village, 10 opportunities!


South Heraklion District

Explore Crete’s Diversity!


The summer holidays are coming up and you are looking for a destination with much variety? Visit a traditional Greek village in the south of Heraklion, and experience its large diversity all around the village. Plenty of beaches, hiking opportunities, Ancient history and local vibes - all in one!


STay at SIVAS !


For accommodation I can highly recommend “Iliopetra Studio”! Enjoy your stay at a renovated stone house from the owner Christoforos - a motivated young man who created a peaceful place by making use of the inherited property by his grandfather. Modern meets vintage. Click on the button below to directly get to the AirBnB offer…

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this is sivas

Sivas is located in the South of Heraklion district, close to famous Matala. It is a village surrounded by hills. You will find plenty of beach opportunities when driving further west! On the list beneath you can already check a few options. Enjoy!


10 hotspots

Beneath I have created 10 hotspots for you to explore while visiting Sivas and the area. Have a wonderful and relaxing time among Cretan history and tradition!