Hike along the Holy Gorge


South Heraklion District

Crete’s highlights always come at the very end - geographically!

Agiofarago, meaning the Holy Gorge, is a must-do when visiting Heraklion! It is located about 80 km south of the city Heraklion, very close to the monastery Odigitrias. To get there, take the Highway from Heraklion to Moires and from there follow the signs to the village Listaros. You will also see the signs leading to the monastery Odigitrias. From there you will have to access a dirt road to approach Agiofarago. Drive all the way down until you reach a parking area and a canteen. You are able to have some refreshments such as a fresh orange juice, lemonade or cold coffee. This then will be your entrance point to the gorge. The breathtaking walk through the gorge will take you in about 30 minutes to the beach of Agiofarago, a beautiful small bay with crystal clear water. On the way you will walk along a small church named Saint Anthony. Due to the holy constitution nudism is frowned upon. Other than that, you may enjoy a nature activity and a gorgeous beach site!




When walking through the gorge towards Agiofarago Beach, hike the hill to your right hand and discover a hidden gem: The Lagoon Vourvoulitis! Concerning the water, there is no problem what so ever. People do jump in the lagoon though it has a certain danger level. Always keep in mind, be careful with your steps and your dives!