Dytiko or Dyskos. Two names, same paradise...


South Heraklion District

A diamond in the South!

Dytiko, locals prefer to say Dyskos, is a village just 2 km west of Lentas and about 75 km south of Heraklion city. Follow the highway from Heraklion city leading to the south of that district and discover a real traveler’s treasure! Dytiko’s inhabitants are fairly chilled, which is why camping on the beach should’t be a problem. During the summer there will be much going on due to the peaceful atmosphere many traveler’s like to experience. Anyhow, if you plan on visiting Heraklion and explore its beaches on the South, it’s worth staying for a night and be part of a hippie vibe!


SIDE INFO: Where the Free spirits meet

For many years the area of Lentas has been famous for its peaceful vibes and magical aura. It is not without reason why lots of free spirits like to visit this spot located south of Heraklion. Due to its small size you will meet a family atmosphere and multicultural authenticity. Right, multicultural! Many Germans live permanently in Dytiko and Lentas and share lots of their treasures with the tourists. A must-do in Dytiko is visiting a local taverna, for instance Odysseus. It’s a great chance to try homemade traditional Greek food. Enjoy!