Chill @ Psaromoura Beach


Heraklion Area

The City-Beach Balance


Psaromoura, meaning fish-face, is my personal favorite, located close to the city! A quick drive of 15 minutes and you are able to dive into the island life! You will find Psaromoura Beach on the north side of Crete, west of Heraklion. The area is called “Agia Pelagia”. It is considered to be a touristic spot, but rather quiet and chilled, also very family friendly. You will find plenty of hotels and AirBnBs online, if you like to stay over for a night or two. Agia Pelagia is right on the sea and offers multiple beach options due to its almost private sandy bays that are lined-up along the coast. This is the place where locals and travelers meet! Also at the beach: a small bar offering coffee, soft drinks and cocktails. CHEERS!



From Heraklion you can also take the bus. Walk to the main bus station called “KTEL” and get yourself a ticket for “Capsis Hotel” which is right at Agia Pelagia. From there, it’s just a short ten minute walk. Enjoy your City-Beach Balance!