Take a boat from Sfakia to an isolated beach


South Chania District

Glyka Nera - Sweet Water Beach

Glyka Nera, meaning “sweet water” is a beach located around 40 km west of Sfakia and approximately 70 km south of Chania, also known as Chora Sfakion. To access this beach you have two choices. The “lazy-way” is the first option. There is a taxi-boat from Sfakia harbor that will take you there within 20 minutes, running about 4 times per day. Depending on the season operating hours will vary. For a precise timetable ask at harbor on the spot or check here (owner’s website). Choosing the route via Sfakia, you will have the opportunity to explore a traditional coastal village with local food tavernas along the small harbor. The round about 300 inhabitants are famous for fishing, olive oil production and animal farming, in particular goats and sheeps. Sfakia has plenty of accommodation options. Therefore you are able to stay at the village and discover the diverse landscape, also offering amazing hiking opportunities including Imbros Gorge, whose end section leads to Chora Sfakion. The second and more adventurous option to get to Glyka Nera is by walking the path along the mountains near seaside. It is not a dangerous hike, since those responsible of the mountain area do regular checks. But, most certain the second option is the toughest one, especially during summer season. However, if you have the chance, one way or the other, to visit Chora Sfakion including Glyka Nera you should do so - not only because of its famous crystal clear and turquoise waters but mainly because of its remote and wild condition. Truly, it’s an adventure! 

SIDE INFO: Crete Travel Route

Another opportunity to combine Sfakia and Glyka Nera with your travels on Crete is when planning on hiking at Samaria Gorge. Finish Samaria Gorge you will end up at seaside. The village is called Agia Roumeli. From there ferries go either west toward “Sougia” or east in the direction of “Loutro” and “Chora Sfakion”. 


HIGHLIGHT: sweet, sweeter, SWEETS!


A must-do in Chora Sfakion is to enjoy a slice of the delicious cakes a few of the tavernas at coastal side offer. Choose your favorite one among a diverse selection!