Camp at Amoudi Beach


South Heraklion District

Amoudi & Amoudaki

One of the most beautiful beaches in Rethymno District - Amoudi and Amoudaki, second literally meaning small Amoudi, is located about 30 km south of Rethymno city. There is two options to get there. First, and most convenient way is to rent a car, take the main road from Rethymno city towards south until a village called “Pale”, make a right turn at the end of the village and follow the signs leading to “Koxare”. This is the road you will use to get to that particular south area. The drive is breathtaking since you will pass through a gorge and some other traditional villages. It’s worth a ride by car since you are able to stop whenever you want and have a closer look at the stunning landscape. The last village you will pass is called “Lefkogeia”. From this spot you will have to follow a smaller road, passing “Amoudi Hotel” and finishing at Amoudi beach. There, you will find public toilets and shower, a canteen offering delicious food and beverages as well as space for free camping. In general the atmosphere is rather quiet and peaceful. It’s best to keep it that way so that the calm vibe remains unchanged. At Amoudi you will have the chance to experience the ocean’s wildlife since the nearby hotel is linked to a PADI center offering scuba dives. Check with SEA Dream Divers for availability. Standing in front on Amoudi beach, check a small pathway to your right hand leading up towards the hill. The directions will say “Damnoni” which is a larger beach locate after the intended destination. If you start following that route, you will end up at Amoudaki beach in about 200m. This beach is the official nudist beach of that area with amazing turquoise water and a small taverna offering snacks and beverages. Free camping at Amoudaki is not really possible due to the rather organized beach. The taverna provides sunbeds and umbrellas, though you may also stay at the beach without taking the offer. Keep in mind, there is not much shadow which is why you should manage an umbrella since during summer months it gets extremely hot. The second options for you to get to Amoudi is by taking the local bus, KTEL from Rethymno city to “Plakias”, a village right at seaside. Also, it’s worth staying at Plakias for a night. The well-known Youth Hostel Plakias offers not only accomodation, but also activities for you to join. A great chance to explore the area with like-minded people. From Plakias you are able to either hitchhike or walk to Amoudi. The approximately 3,5 km distance will lead to Amoudi in about 30 to 45 minutes by foot. Amoudaki beach will be on your way first!



When walking from Amoudi to Amoudaki you will discover a tiny but beautiful bay. This small beach area is called Klisidi. There is no proper way to walk to the beach. But you can climb down the rocks. It is not dangerous, but as usual, be careful with your hike - always step on stable rocks! When at Amoudaki beach, check to your left hand. You will find a small cave with a whole underneath leading to Klisidi beach. A great adventure!