Heraklion Food Market


“LAÏKI” - Local Food Market 


Traveling is about leaving your comfort zone and exploring a new environment, its colors and flavors. In Greece, the most authentic way to experience a real local setting is to visit a Greek wedding! Instead, you will find a similar event, thinking of noise level, crowded areas and food overload when visiting a local, traditional street market. Never say “no” to a Greek wedding though, it is a once in a lifetime experience! However, on Greek street markets you will see the large diversity in food Greece has to offer, and other unique items, such as handmade soaps, all found under an umbrella of open trade and bargaining. You are able to visit a local food market in every city and almost every village, the frequency varies. In city’s you will find an every day offer starting from early on the morning and usually finishing around 2 to 3 pm. The later you go, the better you will be able to bargain.

It is a total must when traveling to Greece!!


Market schedule HERAKLION


@ Kamina Area (on 3 streets: Sivritou, Gortynis & Theokritou)



@ Alikarnassos Area (on 3 streets: Dimokratias, Zefirias & Karias)


@ Agios Ioannis in Mesabelies Area (on 2 streets: Iolis & Arideas)



@ Mastaba Area (on 2 streets: Pavtopoulou & Paraskevopoulou)


@ Dilina Area (on 1 street: Christomichali Xylouri)



@ Patales in Kipoupoli (on Lidaki property across Itanou street)



@ Mastaba Area (on 2 streets: Karamanli & Galenianou)


Saturday (main market)

@ Patales in Kipoupoli (on Lidaki property across Itanou street)