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the CAACTUS Experience


Are you interested in traveling to a unique and diverse place? Well, then this is where you want to be!

I am Ana, the founder of CAACTUS Effect. Within my one year blog project on Personal Growth, I have decided to establish a second project named CAACTUS Experience. Currently I am living on Crete, the largest Greek island in the very south of Greece. Much to my astonishment, I am able to travel the island and explore its hidden and breathtaking areas. If you are planing on visiting Crete, I am pleased to provide you with some local and authentic information. Within CAACTUS Experience you will be able to discover the beauty of Crete. On the island you will find a stunning landscape ideal for hiking trips, beautiful beaches almost untouched, unique villages reminding old Greek traditions, the healthy Cretan cuisine as well as vivid city life. It is almost as if Crete unites everything a traveller asks for. A hidden gem in the Aegean sea! From now on I will continuously upload blogposts on Crete’s secret gems. Follow my latest project called CAACTUS Experience to explore Crete at first hand!