Crete is a quite large island. To drive from one end to another it might take up to six hours. Due to the landscape and rough nature some areas are more secluded and therefore hard to reach. Not impossible though! The best way to travel around Crete is by car. Make sure to rent an appropriate one in order to reach even the struggling sites. The island has so much to discover which is why you should not spend a lot of time at the cities. If you arrive in Heraklion, you may stay two nights in order to check the city’s sightseeing and nightlife. You cannot visit all of Crete’s sites, especially not during a 5-day stay. That is why you should focus on 2 districts beforehand. Check the area on the north, but what you want to focus on is the south. This is where you will find Crete’s hidden gems!

Districts from West to East: Chania (Chania City), Rethymno (Rethymno City), Heraklion (Heraklion City) & Lassithi (Sitia)