All of us experience these mixed-feeling days. Days in which we cannot make up our mind in order to establish clarity and proceed with one’s life. Sometimes, it seems too must of a hassle, the daily activity of making a choice. That is why we refuse to carry on and just pause. Perhaps, in this situation you experienced a moment of overload. In fact, it is based on the organism’s natural response system which is why we create a minute of inactivity when feeling stuck in a seemingly endless situation. It makes sense, doesn’t it? I would like to add some colors to this matter of interest and include a more visual example. Imagine you are about to fill the bathtub with water. While waiting for the water to reach the desirable level, you get caught doing the laundry and talking to your neighbor. You have completely forgotten about the running water since your focus lays on a whole different issue. By the time you enter the bathroom you realize what has happened while you were participating in another activity. The water started to overflow! What is your first reaction in order to prevent the bathroom from swamping? Certainly, you reach into the water and pull out the stopper, causing the water to leave down the drain. This is a genius idea - when accumulating much pressure, we must find ways to release energy, just like we create an outlet for the water. Usually these moments of uncertainty and indecision causing a break-down fade away. But what if this state of mind becomes the norm? What if, making choices turn out to be as difficult as climbing the Mount Everest? What if, the making of a single decision causes as much trouble and pain as the loss of a beloved person? WELCOME TO CW #37: CONFUSION!


Feeling confused is a well-known phenomenon among a wide variety of young adults. A life period determined by rollercoaster happenings and gatherings, leading to quite unsettled future plans.  Much of it is a result of seeking external acknowledgment as well. Missing proper responsibility for one’s own life and hesitating to make the “right” move (as if there was a “right“ move) causing suppressed feelings and thoughts to dwell into comfort and convenience.

“You only live once”, our generation’s motto took an impact on how to enjoy life, literally living your last day. As a result we produce non-stop activities, taking social media’s attention into account, wishing to escape from being missed out. Confusion may be caused by various possibilities. However, a shift within interpersonal relations, for example resulting in a decrease of running and supporting a family, permanent overstimulation through external channels and insufficient self-esteem, meaning to live life with a certain boldness regardless of other’s opinion, will most likely lead to instability and irregularity.

What is confusion all about? It is the uncertainty about what is happening or requested, the state of being unclear. Further, its synonym “disorientation” indicates an inability to focus attention, also leading to adverse effects regarding awareness. What is more, long-term confusion has far-reaching negative reactions regarding daily activities, such as sleeping disorders and mood variations leading to further destruction of healthy habits and vivid visions. Experiencing long-lasting confusion is exhausting and obnoxious. It may be the most stressful feeling, impatiently waiting for transformation and well-being to occur. But sure enough, once you have accepted its potential, you will have the ticket to enter the hall of creativity!


A change in perspectives benefits the acquisition of new insights, and therefore the development of suitable strategies. Maybe it is time for a perspective swap! Get rid of the idea that life is a single question-answer game and welcome life’s multiple choice procedure. Hence, the difficulty of finding the appropriate answer is not found in the question itself but rather in the variety of response possibilities. In order to find the best possible option, one must take actions without having to fear the consequences. After all, it is a MULTIPLE choice!

Have a lovely calendar week #37!