Have you ever felt lost? It is this one particular feeling of not knowing which way to go or wether the decisions we have made will lead to the intended direction. It is a feeling of uncertainty and instability. A feeling of mistrust and sometimes anxiety as well. But why is it even relevant to always be sure of which exact path to choose? Why can’t we just trust the process of development and believe in its correctness? Certainly global networking does not assist in finding one’s path or focussing on individual growth. In fact, choosing yourself over social norms and standards becomes more and more difficult. While comparing our growth journey to others we are trapped in a competition of who will be the first to reach enlightenment. Having said this, all roads will lead to Rome, eventually, don’t they? WELCOME TO CW #40: LABYRINTH!


“All roads lead to Rome”,

it is a proverb whose origin dates back to 20 before Christ. A period in which the Romans had been extremely powerful and widely spread. Rome represented the economical, political and cultural center. Among the reasons of their achievements, it was the development of infrastructure, a rather simple tactic, one may think. The secret was to connect the entire empire to Rome. However larger cities were not connected to each other. Indeed, all roads led to Rome. From North to South and West to East, everyone and everything passed by Rome, which is why its influence remained indisputable. Having said this, the Roman’s did not directly refer to this particular saying in the same way that we do today. Historians speculate wether its emergence is based on the Roman monument Milliarium Aureum (Golden Milestone) put up by Caesar Augustus in the central forum of Ancient Rome. The monument presents the distances to Rome of all major cities in the Roman Empire and thereby create an impression of all roads leading to Rome. Later, in Medieval Latin early 12th century it was Alain de Lille, a French theologian and poet who used this particular Roman saying in one of its works. About 200 years later Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to had written this expression in English. Today this phrase is used to express flexibility in terms of decision making.

After all there are numerous ways to reach a goal! 

Although life may sometimes seem hopeless, there are options to chose from, always. For sure, feeling lost is an unpleasant state of being. It is the missing orientation, the lack of hope regarding future visions resulting in discomfort. Moreover, this may lead to a mental freeze being disable to create actions. An activity block causing more instability and nervousness. As a matter of fact, it is the repeated act of focusing on the past and the future at once, loosing the present and therefore the moment of change. Beyond that, long-term inactivity, or rather mishandling brings out dissatisfaction and produces unhappiness. You cannot change the past. Further, the future depends on you being active now. The only way forward, the only way to jump out of the hamster wheel is to make a move regardless of its efficiency and correctness. It is a move in order to create a different spin, an alternation in habits. Because standstill has become a habit, and this must be taken care of. 

mind labyrinth & thread

mind labyrinth & thread

Think of a labyrinth and you being trapped inside its walls. This is not a fairytale, this is reality. You did not put down a thread going from the Labyrinth’s entrance to its goal, the center. It seems like a supposedly impassable route. What are your options? You may reconstruct the beginning of your path, the decisions you have made in the past that led you to this place. Eventually you will lose yourself within countless happenings not moving you forward. Tearing off walls could be one possible solution but, in the long term this activity will be quite complex and effortful. Another possibility is to sit on the ground and wait for help to arrive, but that could take forever. Basically, your only option is to anticipate orientation by starting to walk. There is no right or wrong. Remember, all roads lead to Rome! There are many ways to find your goal. You must be flexible and patient. Also, you must believe in your journey and trust in your abilities. Put effort in your future vision.

This is how you will create a path - a path of life!

Feeling lost causes discomfort. A state of being often referred to as stress. However it is a natural procedure, a sensor calling for transformation. Stress enables activity and assists in finding ideal solutions. Further, it encourages to step out of harmful habits and create growth, once we have understood and accepted its purpose. We cannot change the past, nor can we predict the future. But, we can influence the present! Be proactive! Do not wait for others to change, be the change. Eventually, when stuck in a Labyrinth again you will know how to find both its goal and exit by making use of a thread, metaphorically, stored in your brain as coping strategies. Because getting lost will help find yourself!

Have a wonderful calendar week #40!