It is a common phenomenon, nowadays, to spend time on regretting the past or managing the future. Fast moving and globalized societies expect and anticipate actions more than anything, which is why we are constantly busy making plans. What has happened to the slogan “living the moment”? Has its usage been taken advantage of social media sparkle purposes only? #livingthemoment, its frequent appearance symbolizes a collective desire for present experiences. So, why don’t we? Why don’t we just go with the flow and see where it leads us? Certainly it is an issue of trust! Not being able to enjoy the present moment rests on insecurities. In fact, it is about lacking reliability in one’s personal abilities to handle life. WELCOME TO CW #39: TRUST!


Trust, it may be considered a personality trait, either flourishing life by its beauties or causing suspiciousness and lack of confidence. There are two ways of experiencing trust. Most often it is related to trusting other’s, e.g. in relationships. In this case, when talking about trust, we believe in the person who is trusted to act according to delivered expectations. The “trust-mindset” is the first psychosocial development of human behavior. It is formed during the first two infant years. Therefore, social trust starts emerging within families and parenting. On a different level trust is associated with issues regarding self-trust, hence believing in one’s reliance on own abilities. People with high self-trust count on their mental, emotional and physical skills. Besides, they believe in whatever crosses their path will be manageable. Their overall perception of life is positive, thus all sorts of wishes and goals appear achievable which leads to proactiveness. Self-trust is a key element when seeking for success. At the same time it increases the amount of self-assurance and optimism. Whereas people who avoid taking actions and risks will most likely experience less success leading to insecurity and mistrust. People who do not trust in themselves often cannot enjoy the present moment. Yet they think too much of the future and will never be satisfied. In doing so, they tend to overcontrol their thoughts and actions because they fear failure. What is more, this type of coping strategy causes “space suffocation” leading to a flow-stop! Despite all facts, self-trust can be acquired at any point of time. In fact, its existence is necessary for the purpose of enjoying the moment by believing in one’s mastery. In the following you will get the chance to work on your self-trust!




Make a list! First, identify negative thinking patterns and thoughts holding you back. Do not allow negative thoughts to create your reality. Also, try to eliminate reminders, such as bad habits and harmful routines. Second, spot your talents. Write down things that you like about yourself. Be proud of yourself. You are allowed to smile if you look in the mirror!


You and your thoughts need space. Try to spend some time alone. Feel the magic of silence and allow your inner voice to speak. Start a dialogue with yourself. You will be amazed by your energy. Be comfortable with fear and recognize your insecurities. Stop comparing yourself to others and avoid perfection, everyone needs something to grow out of! Make this your inspiration. Be patient and flexible. Stop pushing. Your emotions want to be honored and for that they need space and time!


Take care of yourself, from inside as well as outside. Your body needs to be respected. Exercise regularly, sleep and eat well. Enjoy yourself - you have every right to do so! Leave the house, leave your comfort zone, and participate in new activities. Have fun! This is your reward for working on yourself. Also, pay attention to harmful environments, also friends. It is ok to not have the same interests anymore.


First things first. You want to experience success? Name what you want to change and improve your behavior by setting small and realistic goals. It will not serve your purpose if your focus is not achievable! You may embrace the unknown. Find the right timing to exit from your comfort zone and experience the growth zone. You are prepared. Take some risks and see where it leads you. Also, write down your achievements. It will boost your intrinsic motivation!

ALWAYS! Try yourself alone first. But do not hesitate to ask for help when needed. This is what a community is for! Do not forget to respect other’s opinion, even if it does not match with yours.

Do you want to live in the moment?

You have to trust the future and its past by believing in yourself. Trust means to not avoid situations but to welcome experience. Strengthen your personal resources and refuse to fear failure. Allow things to come into your life. Allow life to happen! At the end of the day, a teacher is found in every life situation. It is up to you how to cope with the lesson! The following affirmations will help establish a positive mindset. Use them for 30 days when getting yourself ready in front of the mirror!

“I trust myself to make the best decisions for me.”

“I trust my abilities.”

“I trust that the universe is taking me where I need to be.”

I trust in all of you!

Have a blessed calendar week #39!