Ever since living being has existed, it has managed itself surviving in groups and by establishing as well as following particular routines. It seems as if habits, especially within communities - in a way - create comfort. Thinking of times in which humanity had to suffer drastic climate conditions without proper shelter. It does make sense, craving safety and reliability. After all, it is a matter of viability. However our daily routines have changed, compared to past times. Today we feel less uncertain when it comes to pure physical survivability. Having said this, being exposed to much more mental pressure followed by specific social standards has led to a change in perception. Our daily routines are found in singularity and competition. Even supermarkets have reacted to this phenomenon, and thus introduced single food portions. WELCOME TO CW #36: PREPARATION!


I guess we appreciate the necessity of living in groups, yet aim to succeed in self-realization (ego). As a matter of fact, this is what we have been taught - always be in work mode, no minute must be wasted! After all, we may have said goodbye to some of our most precious values, but we insist in sticking to our routines! Even if most of them have a harmful effect. The truth is, our lifestyle, the way we treat ourselves and they way we interact with nature is toxic. At least we are are aware of the cause, supposedly.  After all, it is of great importance to find answers. Humanity is seeking for a respond and therefore identified a scapegoat creating all this physical and mental harm. The blame goes to “stress”! I guess we have forgotten of stress’ neutral characteristic. At the end of the day its value is determined by us.

Mastering others is strength.
Mastering yourself is true power.
— Lao Tzu

Stress has not only become the magic word when it comes to detecting problems and difficulties. What is more, it has created a general dissatisfaction. From now on, anything that could possibly bother us, definitely must be stress! When in fact there is another reason. Today’s daily routines are packed with non-stop impulses. Some even suggest to manipulate sleeping hours by listening to podcasts and music, hoping to absorb every last bit of information. No wonder why our body and mind go nuts! However, that does not mean we are weak or useless. Actually, that is our personal safety system - our body and mind - sending signals. Because it is not us that do not fit into the system, it is the system that is unsuitable for us! That is what we need to understand. In doing so, we need to finally accept stress as the language between us and nature. Refuse to ignore its signals. Lastly, the more we ignore stress’ impact, the harder it will kick back. We need to welcome stress, rather than escaping from it. Because stress is not negative, our thoughts are. Its effect depends on our mindset. If we accept ourselves and our individual abilities, there is no need in feeling stressed or rather, overstrained. 

When you accept yourself
the whole world accepts you.
— Lao Tzu

In order to identify difficulties, we need to communicate with the things we call stress. Make use of stress, it is a powerful mechanism! Start with generating answers concerning onerous life situations, for instance “What is bothering me?“, “What are my obstacles?” and “Do I want to change?”. It is your benefit to be prepared. You can try to apply the procedure shown in the infographic above. In the following, I will explain its components. 

  1. Awareness means to take an honest look at ourselves as well as the things surrounding us. In this case I am referring to a self-observing technique. Most often we ourselves are our biggest obstacle. Therefore it is us in need of adaptation, not to a system we obviously do not fit into. But most certain we need to adjust our daily routines to our individual needs and abilities. Becoming aware is a process and that takes time. If you are interested in finding out more on awareness you can have a look at my CW#31 blogpost. Click here to read the full article.

  2. Patience is the key to all success! Either it is personal development or job oriented achievements - you are one step ahead if you continuously practice being patient. If you start changing your habits now do not expect to feel immediate differences. Try to let go of unnecessary expectations that will most likely ruin your process of growth. Trust yourself and the journey! My blogpost CW#12 deals with issues regarding patience. Have a closer look by clicking here.

  3. Discipline refers to the power of self-control. Once it was recognized as harsh military and educational methods. Today self-discipline is considered a virtue. When talking about being disciplined, what we mean is to be devoted to something, for instance your self-growth process. Often we make excuses for not being persistent. In fact, it is totally fine! After all, we are human beings and no machines. But never blame others and always get back on your seat! Click here and read CW#29 blogpost for more inspirations. 

  4. Creativity makes the difference! The idea of life is that you are the creator of your individual path, not just a silent participant. There are certain life situations in which your impact is rather poor. But there are plenty of life opportunities in which you are clearly able to create yourself. Learn to understand the difference and be creative regarding your growth journey. Share your thoughts, interact with other, read more, do more, grow more! You need to discover your potential because everything you need, you already have.

The journey of 1000 miles
begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu

Self-growth is a life-long journey, but it starts with your first step.

Make it a good one. Prep yourself!

Have a lovely calendar week #36!