By nature human beings like to socialize, to communicate and to negotiate. Let’s say, we enjoy being in company, having people around with whom we share ideas and create dreams and future visions. It is a community, what I am referring to. Indeed, it is that desirable feeling of comfort and shelter resulting from communities we are after. Taking charge of one another, establishing community values and norms, as well as living according to particular traditional practices are typical characteristics of something that we call culture. Perhaps it is the routines that soothes our souls, knowing what to do without having extraordinary expectations. Or possibly, we feel comfortable based on a sense of belonging. We are part of this, by birth! This society, this community, this culture, this reality! We do not need to prove ourselves and to go through validation processes of being good enough. We do not have to constantly educate ourselves, in order to be wanted. As a matter of fact, most often it is the intense belief found in communities that gives hope to its members. Hope - making growth possible and paving the way to a better future. WELCOME TO CW #38: GUIDANCE!


Due to various changes within our living environment, e.g. based on scientific achievements and  economic globalization, life and its areas have undergone numerous adjustments. Ever since, social relations, job issues and health topics appear in a different, sometimes yet unknown manner. Society needs to adapt to a new surrounding accompanied by new techniques and strategies of viability. At the same time, we have not yet figured out how. In addition we are facing a society in which traditional values and norms, basically the guidance of life, seem to be unfamiliar as never before. What is more, the last drop of hope faded away by excluding all our personal beliefs. It is the dissolution of a well-known and comforting environment causing feelings of loneliness and forlornness. Apart from this, we do not live in a community helping and supporting each other. No! We live in an enormous cluster of people, each and every single one looking after their singular needs and desires, or rather their individual marketability and profitability. Today it is all about your working ability. This is what you must take care of. Practically you are self-employed and working for your own company consisting of one person only, YOU! This is the reason why values such as prestige, acknowledgement, success and power have taken over our community mindset. As a matter of fact, communities in which we look after each other no longer exist. In order to survive in this swirl of egomaniacs we must decide on who we want to be, but most important we must find new ways to establish orientation.



The following technique will help you identify your personal values. Do you know what is important to you? There is only few people who can actually respond to this question. Participate in this method and figure out your answer. This is the base according to a self-determined and conscious life. Be part of it!



Values are found in shape of theoretical and practical ideas concerning the collective well-being. The existence of such concepts and its performance are considered as desirable. Each member acquires values by participating in education, through parenting and by personal experience.


Activity - Recognition - Sincerity - Admiration - Ambition - Honesty - Development - Freedom - Joy - Friendship - Safety - Serenity - Enjoyment - Justice - Happiness - Harmony - Courtesy Intellect - Children - Creativity - Lifestyle - Learning - Love - Mobility - Sustainability - Openness - Optimism - Order - Partnership - Duty - Respect - Romance - Tranquility - Self-esteem - Sexuality - Sympathy - Teamwork - Tolerance - Tradition - Loyalty - Independence - Change - Responsibility - Trust - Growth (personal, mental) - Appreciation - Determination - Affiliation - Reliability


Values are found within your actions. Your areas of life imply your individual activities. In order to determine these areas you must analyze your activities. What do you spend time on? Here are some examples:

  • social environment, health, profession, finances, I


Find your individual areas of life. Take as many areas as you wish to work with. Include at least seven values to each area by answering the key questions. After that, determine an order for each section from 1. to 7. Remember to cross out duplications and the ones that imply the same meaning. Subsequently we will use this collection in order to create the final list of personal life values. Choose the top three of each life area and bring them together. Now, create a new order with only five items. These five words make up the five most important values of your life!


What is important to me in each area of my life?

When do I feel important?

What do I get confidence from?

When do I respect myself? When am I proud of myself?

Which of my achievements have made me particularly proud and satisfied?

How do I react in stressful situations or under pressure?

What are the causes when I am not feeling well with who I am?

Why is it important to create a personal value system? In order to be truly and permanently  satisfied with the outcome of a situation, our values must be in accordance with our actions. In fact, taking actions in contrast with our personal values will last for as long as you are able to sabotage your mind. Besides, in doing so we ultimately raise our stress load due to poor identification. Happiness comes from satisfaction. If you learn to take actions considering your individual values, you will be more decisive and therefore more successful. There is a story behind every feeling, so learn to analyze your stress load! If you do not feel well or you are stressed out jumping from one story to another, most often you do not consider your values. But, there is a way how to figure out your true needs. Identify what is bothering you and you will most likely recognize your values. Most often your answer is found in the very first thought regarding that jungle of actions.

Let’s make this life valuable!

Let’s have a wonderful calendar week #38!