To believe in something results in a very strong energy that nowadays not many of us living in western societies make use of. However it has been one of the most powerful tools for ages. This can be proven by the numerous religious movements that we have experienced not only during Middle Ages but as well today considering any type of extremism. Belief - it has been used by religious institutions, by political governments, by cult activities and even by influential global speakers. There is a strategic approach based on the activity of believing. Though most often it has been associated with a religious movement, believe often called “faith” can appear in many different forms. You may consider this a universal tool many powerful or power-seeking leaders benefit from. Its value can be magical but at the same time destructive. Within the past few decades westernized communities have lost their attachment to their religious beliefs. We have started to focus on different matters, especially since science has given more valid, transparent and plausible answers regarding our existence than religions ever did. What is more, our ancestors had suffered from despotic and greedy leaders that encapsulating from religion seemed to be the one and only escape. Having said this, we have not only lost the belief in a particular institution but most tragic we have forgotten about the skill of believing which means it is a tough game to even believe in ourselves. The “grand school of faith” had taught us to believe in its wheelings and dealings for thousands of years. However, we have not been able to acquire this powerful ability on our own. It seems as if we are craving apple pie, but certainly have misplaced the recipe! WELCOME TO CW #32: BELIEVE!


I guess there is no point in finding an appropriate definition on the term “believe” since it has been used for so many years and occasions. What is more interesting though is to talk about its special features concerning our lives. There is an expression saying that faith can move mountains. Well, what exactly does that mean?

Most definitely there is a huge energy surrounding belief topics. An energy that we cannot exactly describe because it appears to be invisible which is why we keep doubting its existence. As a matter of fact doubting, distraction and negative thinking ruin the idea behind faith. This is the reason why we are struggling in keeping up our beliefs. Sometimes we allow doubts to take over. This is the moment in which a negative mindset emerges and destroys the majority of our beliefs, leaving a teeny tiny bit of faith that we call hope. As we say, hope is the last to die! However, what we are able to experience with a great effect is its output. This is what we want to focus on! Your idea of faith is your personal issue. You may belief in whatever you like as long as it does not harm any other living being. Most certain it should not pressure yourself or misguide you to paths you are not convinced or fond of!

In order to experience this great energy you must establish your idea of belief. What do you believe in? What are your values? What is important to you? The ability of believing survives with your act of commitment. Go for it! What you believe in empowers you to do what you ask for. Therefore, everything you do based on your belief enables you to reach your goals. This is a circle of events everyone can make use of. Yet it is of great importance to be sure of what exactly to attract since the act of believing results in two extremes. Believing will either lift you down, or it will raise you up.

GOOD NEWS: it is your choice what to believe in.

That is what I call freedom!

If you are interested in finding out more about the output, have a look at the image below. It demonstrates four parts that you are able to experience if you are committed to believing.


THE 4-P’s


Your belief creates PERSPECTIVE!

It means that you are able to see the invisible, the things you have not accomplished yet. It will show you the point on which you are located now and direct you to what is possible. In this case, perspective also refers to “path”, which is why you may allow yourself to experience the path as your goals. Establish clarity and your very own vision. This will help you to ignore and refuse useless and annoying distractions and doubts.

Your move establishes POWER!

As I referred to earlier, what makes the act of believing a tough game is its true commitment. Most often we turn our back and look right into doubts that lead to a series of negative thinking. We all know, this won’t lead nowhere. A strong believe will help you to stay focused and do whatever is required to accomplish your goals. Use the obstacles that you face on your path for greater willpower.

Your act forms PERSISTENCE!

A strong feature you are able to experience while establishing and practicing your belief is the energy of persistence. Yes, it does involve a lot of patience as this is the only way persistence survives. But this is the key to open any door crossing your path. Much of all this is not about the commitment itself but the will to continue and to endure its requirements. Persistence will help you to create a positive mindset of never giving-up or giving-in.

Your goals develops PROACTIVITY!

Your belief sparks a fire and starts a series of actions. You will be able to access your talent and abilities. Having said this, you must convince your mind first, meaning yourself. Your capabilities are worth nothing if you do not believe in them. Proactivity will help you to live your goals.

If your believe is undoubtable and you feel certain about your goals, your act gets more clear, more beneficial, more sophisticated and lastly more powerful!

Have a wonderful upcoming week!