BE A caacTUS!

Life has so much to offer once we realize and embrace its quality. Many of us complain about experiencing hard times and about having too much stress. We aim for a better life without even knowing what exactly to ask for, which is why we fail in taking direct actions. It is comparable to wishing to win the lottery jackpot without having bought a lottery ticket. The truth is, life will never be perfect. But, for it to transform into something enjoyable we have to find the right and suitable handling. We must accept life’s potential of transformation and make use of it for our own purposes. How are we able to figure out and adapt to life’s impact? First, we need to realize that everything life is giving to us is a matter of growth. Everything we go through is a lesson we have asked for. Because all our actions lead to reactions, and that is what causes the circle of life. Second, we have to identify load situations and generate appropriate skills. Have a look at the cactus’ evolutionary background. The plant suffered intense climate changes. In fact, if it had not adapted to natural influences - stress - its survival would have been impossible. It is due to its adaptive responsiveness that its existence remained. A major skill! Today the cactus is one of the most inspiring and astonishing plants. Let’s make it a role model for our growth journey. WELCOME TO CW #35: REALIZE!


Transformation - it sounds so simple, yet it is one of the toughest things to initiate. As a matter of fact, this one word consist of various phases. Within CAACTUS Effect blog project I have tried to create stages imitating a one-year self-discovery process. At the beginning of the year 2019 we committed to CAACTUS’ first chapter called “Create Awareness”, a section in which we initially started to deal with rather general topics. In particular, we talked about life aspects that everyone experiences but never really gets the chance to make further and deeper thoughts, such as the matter of motivation or the meaning of responsibility. Within this part of our journey we were able to find out more about our needs and desires because we started to analyze our being.

We become aware and therefore transform into an active participant of our growth process. 

Transformation does not happen in a week. The truth is, it takes a lifetime. Beyond that, it does take courage to commit to this process but even more, we have to learn to be patient. Because as long as we live, we will be exposed to impulses (or else “stress”). Which means, that we need to acquire knowledge in order to manage certain life situations, internal forces as well as external impacts. This may sound hard and annoying, or even feel like a never-ending obligation. But actually, the moment we accept this challenge as one of life’s very special gifts, we will start to engage with life situations in a different way, in a welcoming and pro-active way! For this reason, CAACTUS’ second chapter is named “Accept Challenge”. Because we have to accept life’s mechanism like we accept the weather, our parents as well as our skin color, and no longer fight against its natural approach.


Moreover, we need to understand our role inside this framework of happenings. Because indeed, we are part of this thing called life and it longs for our active participation! CAACTUS’ upcoming and final chapter “Transform Using Stress” tries to submit the idea of self-growth based on stress. Generally speaking, our impression of stress has turned into a nightmare. Besides, most people believe stress is harmful and causes physical and mental pain which is why they attempt to escape from it. As a matter of fact, it is true! Stress’ impact is immense, but its negative influence on our well-being has other reasons than its powerful characteristics.

Basically, we failed to understand STRESS’ real energy - the potential of unleashing growth.

Once we internalize its purpose, we will be able to make full use of it. Furthermore, stress will not be understood as an irritating component that we try to get rid of. Quite the contrary, we will be in need of it to experience change and progress. Experience comes from practice. Which means, coping skills come from an accomplishment. Let’s welcome an active and self-regulated participation in which we refuse to be bogged down. Let’s learn how to deal with struggling life situations in order to be well equipped. Let’s start a life-changing mission by making use of stress, not by excluding it. This is what we call self-growth! 

Have an inspiring and welcoming calendar week #35!