As we grow up, we establish a numerous amount of skills, for instance language as well as communication skills, social skills, learning skills, coping skills and many more. We acquire knowledge through our families and by living in communities. Hence, social relations represent an essential part in learning processes and lastly in the way we develop in becoming adults. Another way of collecting information is by observing the people closest to us, e.g. our parents. This group of people we call role models. We barely question the information passed on by role models, like having to keep distance while watching TV because this will damage our vision. Most often we just think it is true. Which is why a large portion of this particular information is hard to break through. As a matter of fact, it feels as if someone opened the “lit” to our brain and poured in knowledge, regardless of its use concerning future circumstances. In many cases this is what leads to struggle. We have learnt to deal with life situations in a specific way. Though life changes, constantly, and these techniques seem to have forgotten adopting to present days. Therefore we struggle managing today’s life situations while making use of outdated strategies. I guess, today’s most valuable ability is to be flexible. A quality enabling progress in order to make the very best versions of ourselves. WELCOME TO CW #34: INNOVATION!


Having said this, a change is always possible. Old ways will not influence our future if we decide on changing our present. Always keep in mind, it is our choice! We need to accept a new path and let go of rusty standards as well as long-established attitudes. This is the only way for us to experience new life opportunities.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Henry Ford

The problem most often is that we do not quite know how to start. Yes, we are missing appropriate coping strategies, but also a good amount of imagination supporting our way out of this crazy jungle! So, maybe it helps if you think of yourself wanting to escape from the Amazon! However, for this reason we stick to our good old and very well known strategies, although we feel certain about their uselessness. Sometimes, we even avoid getting ourselves in difficult situations in order to prevent from experiencing discomfort. This is related to negative memory focusing on an unsuccessful handling instead of displaying an opportunity to grow. In fact, trying to establish new ways will at least increase the chances of finding the most appropriate and suitable strategy. Because there is no such thing as “the perfect technique”. It is rather testing and checking out different methods. We need to reinvent ourselves! So, stop occupying your life with a thousand activities that will avoid the most important confrontation of your life, the encounter with yourself!

If you are interested in working your way through this jungle of craziness, check out the transformation wheel below! I have created a method that will support your journey in how to find your purpose. You have access to step-by-step instructions. Take your time and enjoy the process!



Transformation takes time, if not a lifetime. That is why you have to be patient with yourself and most important celebrate every small moment of success. Because at times you will feel demotivated, powerless, maybe even nervous or anxious. These feelings are totally fine. Actually, they are nothing but your mind doubting your new path. Something that is still unfamiliar which is why you need to cultivate your very own cheering method. Be creative!

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Henry Ford

Transformation needs emphasis, laser-beam focus. It is quite usual to meet obstacles and experience failure. As a matter of fact, obstacles appear as reminders displaying your desire of change. Keep on trying! Stick to your plan! In doing so you will find your purpose. That is the mindset you need to establish helping you to ignore useless distractions but also strengthen your belief regarding your mission. Accept this challenge!!!

This is my last blogpost within CAACTUS second part “Accept Challenge”. Next week’s Monday I will publish the first article on “Transform Using Stress”, the last section throughout CAACTUS Effect’s one-year blog project! It is never to late for the discovery of your potential. Follow the CAACTUS blogposts and START NOW!

Have a delightful calendar week #34!