Lately we often hear and read about the power of acceptance. It has been a well discussed issue for a long time now, which is why I would like to contribute this following blogpost on the matter of accepting. What does acceptance mean? Further, which elements does it involve and lastly, what outcome does it claim to achieve? In other words, why is it important to know about acceptance and acquire its features? Accepting refers to an approval. In fact, it can be an approval of many things. For instance, we accept other people’s opinion although we may support another viewpoint. In this case, when talking about acceptance, we welcome different mindsets without trying to change them. Oftentimes we make use of the verb to tolerate as a synonym to the term accepting. In this case though, acceptance resembles the process of acquiescence, therefore it does not involve any sort of acknowledgement. As a matter of fact, tolerance rather refers to putting up with something, sometimes even without its consent. Whereas acceptance includes a state of agreement. We agree on allowing things to be the way they are. Most often we struggle with life issues because of a lack in understanding. As a result we hold on to things, disable ourselves from letting go and end up fighting the same issue over and over again. Indeed, a lack of acceptance leads to strain, and certainly prevents ourselves from growing. Vice versa, the potential of acceptance is immense, as it enables transformation by allowing the good and the bad to happen. This is what we want to focus on. WELCOME TO CW #33: ACCEPTANCE!


Acceptance means to allow life situations to happen. In terms of transformation, this is a key feature. It is about welcoming the unexpected, the new. When talking about transformation we include a series of events, such as the process of acceptance. However, accepting life the way it is does not necessarily mean we are able to initiate transformation. Acceptance is one of the first essential steps.


Transformation means to lift ourselves from one mental stage to another. Moreover it includes an awareness process in order to understand the realization of change when needed. Life is always on the move, therefore it undergoes changes, constantly. It is up to us to recognize these happenings, and develop abilities that will improve our interaction with stress. (stress = neutral impulse, have a look at CW#16: stress. Click here)


Life gets complicated at times, and that is fine. All of us experience good and bad life situations. It is important to welcome and ACCEPT both! If we do not learn to accept, we will be stuck with struggling life issues for ever. Though if we acquire the ability of acceptance, we will find ways to let go. Letting go does not just happen. In fact, it is an active process that we have to initiate. Its key element is acceptance.


Life’s major trait is its mobility and flexibility. Having said this, it is a huge step to understand the way life functions, since we like to establish habits and walk through life without making too much noise. For instance, if we visit the exact same restaurant once a week, and we order the exact same dish every time the waiter asks for our order, we will always be sure of what to expect. We know that we will not be disappointed, neither by the food, nor by ourselves. This can be considered the safety plan. Thus, we do not have to experience uncertainties. Think of it as a security mechanism. Though at the same time we fail in understanding life’s mission - the opportunity of transformation!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-12 um 13.22.48.png

The image above visualizes a process in which acceptance takes up a major spot. This way you understand its importance. Acceptance means to establish an agreement with yourself. As a consequence we are able to release undesired conditions. This is the only way to let go of unwanted things in our lives. Hence, transformation is possible if only we manage to create awareness and approval of bothering life aspects. In other words, we need to establish acceptance in order to initiate transformation.

True acceptance is not easy. It means we need to establish deep understanding and practice with devotion. But, it is possible! And most important, it is OUR CHOICE!

Let’s accept this challenge. Let’s embrace this mission!

Let’s have a wonderful and accepting calendar week #33!