Making choices might be one of the hardest things we experience while pursuing life. Actually, it’s not so much about the choice itself but about the effect we cause. Don’t we all fear making a choice to some extend? What is more, we are afraid of the unpredictable outcome as well as the irreversible actions. What if we aren’t satisfied with the result? It seems as if we focus on the outcome much more than dealing with the action itself. In addition, we try so hard to do everything right, on making the very best decision, to hopefully not experience regrets. Sometimes we even feel intimidated by the changes caused by our choices that we refuse to take a decision. I guess we most often forget that anything we decide on will not remain the same. The choices we make now will have to be adjusted at some point. Nothing remains the same! In the end our choices will only cause an event that requires another decision. Let us try to develop a positive mindset regarding this process. Let us make decisions and allow change to happen. Let us be brave. WELCOME TO CW#28: CHOICES!


Within this calendar week’s blogpost I would like to talk about choices! What exactly is a choice and what is the difference to the term decision? The contrast of both words will help understand the deeper meaning as well as the importance of this particular process.

Decision, “the act of or need of making up ones mind”, derives from Latin decisionem. It consists of two parts: 1. the prefix “de” meaning off, and 2. the stem “caedere” meaning to cut. Therefore, it’s literal meaning is to cut-off, as in cutting-off the irrelevant from the relevant. This act reveals the ability of how skilled we are regarding effective decisions by excluding insignificant aspects. At the same time it includes the existence of a “360-perspective” since the act of exclusion demands all-round knowledge. In fact, it is similar to a business analysis in which we go through steps to eliminate options causing unwanted results. The most common technique is to create a “pros and cons” list. Choices, unlike, are a bit more difficult. The act of making a choice reflects “the right, the power and the opportunity to choose”. From French choix and choisir (verb), it means “to distinguish” and “to perceive”. What is more, the term represent the fact of having a choice. Beyond that, it is about the power of choosing, the conscious action of selecting. Therefore it is the exact opposite of the other term’s meaning! Decision focuses on excluding the irrelevant, whereas choice’s attention is given to selecting the most corresponding.

Choice, it is an approach, a mindset that shows both the positive and negative perception. Further we confront ourselves with opportunities in which options are found to choose from. It is very common to focus on the large choices since their effect will have a greater impact. Though it is the small ones that occur instinctively. By observing these we are able to understand our motifs, in times of feeling lost. So let us always keep an eye on the small choices as well since they reveal intrinsic patterns. In general, we make choices based on our personal values and beliefs, also individual perceptions of where our choices may take us. The power of choice and its realization is one of life’s responsibilities ( also read CW #10 blogpost about responsibility, click here). What we are in need of is the development and creation of choice senses and a choice system. It is important to spend time in the process of making choices because they allow us to set and lead a mature life. Apart from that, we are able to initiate intrinsic motivated actions in order to create a purposeful life. We may spend decades, even our entire existence taking all sorts of decisions, excluding the unwanted and focussing on the irrelevant. But in order to create awareness and enable personal growth we need to emphasize the essentials and looking forward to making distinctive life choices!


In the following I have created a 7-step choice-making-strategy for you to apply right away. It will help you to manage thoughts, establish motifs, create needs and lastly put into practice by focusing on the relevant. Also, you may use this strategy as a circle! When you reach step #7, do the evaluation and restart with step #4 for a choice flow!

Making a choice will always lead to other choices. You are not stuck! Quite the contrary, you will always have to make up your mind, again and again. Because every actions leads to a reactions. This is the circle of life!

Enjoy a new & fresh calendar week 2019.