Today it is all about being aware! But what does this actually mean, or rather why do we seek awareness? Debbi Ford defines awareness as ”the ability to take an honest look at your life without attachment to it being right or wrong“. This simple definition refers to objective thinking and actions, whereas it is sometimes quite difficult regarding the fact that we are subjects, and therefore we deal with situations based on personal perspectives. We cannot become someone else, all of the sudden! Indeed, being aware may cause struggles. However, it is an ability we are able to acquire, at least to some extend, and if we commit to practice. WELCOME TO CW #31: AWARENESS! 


There are numerous methods, for example role play, actually allowing a vivid and genuine role swap. As a matter of fact, we are able to experience ourselves from a different perspective, offering a whole new world of impressions. I guess, that is what we are in need of - a neutral platform on which we allow ourselves to perform rather liberal and receivable. Does this mean that we are mentally loaded, often causing confusion and resulting in vague behavior? Or, do we sometimes feel stuck in situations leading to no actions at all? Is this the reason why we are striving for awareness? Clearly, the world we live in has become more connected and a lot faster than people were used to years ago. 

Becoming aware is a process, and that takes time! 

Awareness does not only involve ourselves, but most certain our environment as well. This is what evolution - the progress of existence - has taught. There is this one little word, just a syllable, on the one hand causing so much anger and anxiety, on the other hand representing the one and only law concerning growth, it’s STRESS! Yes, I am talking about a word despised and at the same time popular as never before. Everyone makes use of the term stress. Even if it is as natural as having to clean the house and cook dinner at the same time, or as harmful as feeling over-dosed, overworked, overstrained and lastly burned-out by setting impossible and delusive expectations, seemingly wanting to prove personal strength. Obviously, what we need is to step back and let things flow for a while. Just let it be. Even if particular situations bother to an extreme. Let the pressure go and hang in in doing nothing about it. I know, it is easier said than done. BUT, if no-one had done it, it would not have been said! So there must be some sort of truth in these sayings…

Eventually, when time has passed - for the beginning two to three weeks are enough - things will appear differently, and stress will no longer resemble a painful situation. Quite the contrary! We will learn to see the world and all ALL its aspects as part of ourselves. In fact, stress encourages progress, moreover enables growth. Otherwise, if there was no stress, there would not be any life either. We depend on these natural inputs in order to experience further development. Now, that does not mean that only because we allow stress to happen all aspects of life will undergo dramatic changes. As a matter of fact, there is this COMFORT ZONE holding us back from unknown experiences, because they could cause irritation. But isn’t this a good thing? Maybe it is a matter of perspective. Let me explain. If things always run the same and there is no irritation what so ever, there will be no progress. But if we take the risk on doing things differently and therefore experience irritation, we will start to grow based on the simple fact that something new joins the party! So, we want irritations to happen in order to build new patterns. This matter of discussion is presented in the image below. Awareness is a process and it includes different elements. The first approach is called world and relates to the comfort zone. Further, this process consists of mind and behavior. In the following these two items are going to be discussed.


3-step awareness process


Next step! It is a necessity to understand that stress is responsible for sensitization, for understanding that things will always change and never stay the same. Nonetheless, it is our responsibility to make use of these nature-given impulses in order to initiate mindset alteration. Most often, we start to become aware by dealing with different life aspects, and gathering knowledge by talking to our community. This is the moment in which we locate ourselves in a FLEXIBLE ZONE that allows a change in attitude. Further, we start to become more aware of new ideas and life concepts. We collect information and finally combine these with our already existing collection of ideas. We build up knowledge and establish a profound mindset. A change in mind will not cause a change in behavior, though it is the first step, the spark that sets ourselves on fire. Most often behavioral transformation happens due to urgency. Let’s try to make it out of desire and less out of force! Let’s change our behavior because we are ready to experience something new, to reach the next level of our existence. This then is what we call the GROWTH ZONE!

Buddha says: “All that we are is a result of all that we have thought”. This means that there is a huge energy laying in our thoughts. An energy we may use to create transformation. Sometimes we may not realize its immense impact on ourselves, our lives and our actions. Often times we assume that change and growth resembles a difficult and almost impossible act. It seems to easy to be true. So we refuse to even try. As a result we create thoughts holding us back from actual progression. That is irony, isn’t it?

Indeed, transformation is challenging and demanding, but in any case it is possible! You must believe in it. So, let’s step back and welcome clarity! Let’s create positive power within our thoughts! Let’s become aware!

Have a wonderful upcoming week.