Generational shifts may have never been as difficult as nowadays, or at least we like to think that way to justify hard times. However, every generation arises from the previous one and creates something new. Some things we carry on, these then are called traditions. Whereas other things we  would rather throw in a big pile of plastic waste and banish from earth forever. Our perception of society, referring to so-called ”western-societies“, appears to be more open and liberal. Though we are born in a particular type of setting let’s say cultural, financial or gender background, the barriers of intersecting other realities are lower than ever before. Our presence and activities are no longer passed on. In fact, it has only been a short period of time in which professions are not being handed down to the next generation. Today you may become whatever and whoever you like. In other words, you are your very own business administrator. Yes, you are being considered a business. A business emerging from a neutral foundation, evolving within topic’s of interest, collecting all sorts of certificates, building social networks and establishing something we refer to as individuality. Today’s mindset is all about personal needs and individual desires. All this is based on a generation that stood up for our rights while struggling with oppression. A generation that has been demonstrating in support of less barriers and fought for human equality. A generation that also suffered starvation and destruction. It has been a generation of immense power and great success if you look at the crop we have been harvesting for the past two decades. The most wonderful part of this story is that this generation, the generation of our grandparents, has truly experienced hard times, at the same time they have grown out of this by carrying about their descendants. I guess, they were serving their purpose, the purpose of making this world a better place. So, now I am asking myself, what is our generation’s purpose? WELCOME TO CW #30: OPPORTUNITIES!


It is not a secret, all of us feel it - there is this discontentment and dissatisfaction when looking at society’s mood. Not without a reason we have been purchasing books about ”how to be happy“ or ”how to discover life’s meaning“, attending yoga classes to come closer to our inner voice and throwing daily quotes as well as motivating affirmations at our apartment walls to eventually sense completeness and integrity. There is a misconception on society’s beliefs that it has become more simple, when in fact it is more complex than ever! We grew up in a world overly wealthy concerning material goods, food and basically anything we assume we are in need of, even fame and prestige. We have never experienced famines, suppressive regimes or poverty. We have never fought for social ”no-go’s“, such as listening to Rock’n’Roll music. Most of our privileges were given to us. We are just lucky to be born during the generation of the millennials. Yet our world seems to be a hell on earth’s paradise… 

Growth, and in particular personal growth consists of positive as well as negative experiences. As a matter of fact, going through rough times is a necessity. It’s this power that emerges, not meaning  to become financially superior, rather the energy we create when experiencing negative situations but still believing in ourselves and fighting for our dreams. This is a personal energy that we call faith. Standing up for our believes and wishes although we have never seen nor actively participated these imaginations. Actually, this is the process in which growth happens. Now the main issue is that we barely go through controversies of that kind, never experience physical threat or deep financial uncertainties that will cause starvation. Everything is richly available, and even more than that! So, one would think there are no problems. Yet we have managed to create something similar, something that is going to involve positive and negative experiences, but of a different kind. Since professions are no longer passed on, therefore affiliation must be defined in a different way, we are responsible of construing our presence and all its elements on our own.

This is a new phenomenon!

What is more, this new way of establishing personality and individuality, combined with modern technology such as social media, brought out a different aspect of experiencing negativity - it is the comparability to a massive extend that leads to social pressure. Today our focus is not on creating a family which represented the supportive system of one’s reality. Being socially successful in that way is no longer needed. What we are looking for is to create ourselves, to establish something rather singular, something that involves us only. And by pursuing that dream we have given all the power in being a better entrepreneur than our fellow ones. We constantly compare ourselves to others. Also social media does a great job supporting that idea, which is why we finally end up to have given so much power to our thoughts that they start to control not only our fantasies but most significant our realities. 

Progress is a natural matter, it did and it will always happen. In addition, there will always be positive as well as negative aspects. Considering present circumstances, we may have reached the point in which self-destruction involving a harmful mindset plays a significant role than ever before, but at the same time this is our chance to grow! We shall never forget there are two mechanism of impact.

Given the fact that todays’s opportunities are based on the struggles of our previous generations, let us use these passed on knowledge as examples and establish faith in our visions! Truth is, lots of social barriers disappeared. In return, we are dealing with difficulties of another kind, rather individual issues. But all of this is part of life despise the details. It’s our purpose to break through these barriers and experience growth, just like our previous generations did. Even if you feel social pressure and tension take chances, not only to see your possibilities, moreover to live your opportunities. Sometimes it is a great help to create a retrospection - Try to imagine yourself being 80 years old - what wouldn’t you want to miss out on? Consider this technique when having to make choices of high relevance.

Remember: The only thing you may regret are chances you never took!

Have a wonderful week.