Life - it is the one thing we all try to find out more about, but at the same time we close all doors, even windows as soon as it gets troubling. What is it that makes us inactive in dealing with situations of a negative kind? Is it the age and the lack of experience, the missing techniques, the fear of having to deal with sorrow and pain or maybe a combination of these? What is more, this new mindset of ”be happy“, ”be positive“ - ALWAYS - has been taking over our thoughts, that we even start having bad feelings if we don’t! It seems as if there is no outlet for excessing that sort of energy struggling our existence. Most often this causes an increase of pressure and tension. And this is how the negative spiral arises and begins to grow by being fed with controversial conceptions and opinions of society as well of our own. By the time we have lost our vision and aspirations within a hot pot of so-called social needs and beliefs, we catch ourselves being stuck in managing everyday life like a 300 acres farm, alone! The structure we choose to manage our daily activities leaves no time. Not even a few minutes for a spontaneous act, which - by the way - is the one and only beauty of life, the unexpected happenings that boost everyday’s routine. Actually many of us complain about not having time, as if time was something purchasable in the supermarket. The truth is, each day contains of 24 hours and it is your choice to establish priorities. WELCOME TO CW #29: FOCUS!


Within this calendar week’s blogpost I would like to talk about the importance and necessity of a focusing act. I guess we all experience a point in life in which we feel unsorted or lost. Not knowing what to do or even more fundamental, being unsure about personal desires and aims causes discomfort. It is a feeling of not being in the “right” spot, or sometimes not fitting in. Then, what we most often do is to start doubting ourselves, our thoughts and decisions. We develop a strategy unsuitable for the circumstances we go through. As a matter of fact, we are in need of a clear mind in order to set up some positioning. In fact, this will encourage further actions and create personal determination. It is of great importance to arrange this particular type of act since it leads to self-confidence and autonomous behavior. Now you may ask yourself how to establish clarity? Let’s try to understand the unsuitable setup causing mental confusion and misleading.

Daily routines sometimes appear to be extremely exhausting since they do not allow much space for creativity. Everyday activities and “must-do” take over. Meanwhile we are missing an outlet for excessing negative energy which is why lots of emotions accumulate and remain unprocessed. It is as if we lose ourselves in a countless amount of situations. As a result we create this unhealthy spiral in which one negative situation is followed by another. Consequently situations transform to problems, and problems turn out unbridgeable, supposedly. Indeed, this condition is based on incorrect thoughts leading to an unhealthy mindset. The main problem is that we neglect to establish a focusing point! It seems a if we have missed out on bringing our visions into focus. Because what focusing is all about is simple - it is the center of our energy and activities. It is a need, not to say restriction in order to make suitable life choices. So, whenever you feel like everything around you is taking over your thoughts and you experience yourself having difficulties in establishing your individual focusing point, STOP and START by making use of …

The Focusing Wheel


Most often it is not about having everything figured out. In fact, one little decision will lead to another and cause a series of actions. The importance is to make a good start. You do not need much. But what you are in need of is sincerity, confidence and a little technique like the “focusing wheel”. Make use of this calendar week’s energy and give it a try.

Always keep in mind, your focus determines your reality!

Have a lovely week.