There are times in life in which certain situations seem to have no perspective. When talking about perspectives what I am referring to is, we have difficulties in distinguishing a one-way street from a multiple lane highway. What exactly does that mean? It means that once we have made up our mind concerning a life situation, for instance regarding our life partner, our children or the career path we pursuit, we act and react almost blindly one-sided.It is tough to realize that there are possibilities and opportunities because we mostly think in one direction than opening our mind to the variety of choices. We are stuck because we imagine a situation to consist of one, and only one possible solution. The one solution we believe is the right one. The one, we believe we are able to control. The one, we put all our expectations in, desperately hoping for them to become true. When in fact life will offer multiple approaches to a topic. Basically, it is the road we choose to believe is the one and only possible direction. Having forgotten about the numerous opportunities there are to successfully manage our journey. As long as we live, we will be exposed to different best case-scenarios. However, it is our responsibility to stay open-minded in order to see the variety of opportunities. WELCOME TO CW #26: OPTIONS!


Within this calendar week’s blogpost I want to write about “options” and the effect of our individual problem solving strategy based on our mindsets.

The way we deal with life mostly depends on our viewpoint. In many cases we are stuck in the idea of dealing with life as in dealing with stress. “Stress” has become a social phenomenon that we most often look at as problems. Think of meeting a friend in the grocery store asking you how things were going. We catch ourselves replying that life was stressful due to the amount of activities that have to be organized. The answer sounds overloaded and negative. As a matter of fact the social construction and interpretation regarding stress resembles a permanent fight against time and space. We even deal with multiple stress management theories to improve our problematic and “stressful” situation. Actually, what we mean to say is that we were busy managing life’s impulses. Sometimes, it is the amount of impulses we choose to deal with, which may truly be felt as an overload. Other times, it is the viewpoint regarding life’s impulses disabling a neutral interaction. Since stress reactions are seen as individual response systems, their output is a matter of viewpoint and applied techniques. Therefore stress is nothing but an input, its emphasis remains neutral and value-free. It is of great importance to develop an understanding like this in order to enable life’s positive effect on us. The reason behind this perspective is to allow transformation based on stress. Once we realize that life consists of opportunities and not problems, we are able to choose between various options and thus increase the chances of individual growth!

The following image is trying to make a visual approach possible in order for you to establish a better understanding concerning this topic and as a consequence allow implementation.


The image’s idea is simple. It displays two ways of dealing with life. The one named “problem” is based on a one-sided viewpoint and therefore disables the development of opportunities. The main emphasis deals with one problem, its reaction focuses on one particular solution only. First scenario’s handling is strict, which is why the output is limited. The second case is called “options”. Its thinking and handling strategies are based on an open mindset. As a result life offers options, which is why solution finding is multiple and flexible. The difference is essential! Let’s try to work on our mindset and manage a life consisting of options not problems!

Have a wonderful calendar week #26!