Today it feels as if a large amount of society is insisting on finding something we call “happiness”. Either consciously or subconsciously, daily we make choices aiming to reach that point. Sometimes, what we think of happiness resembles a finishing line. Since we are strongly focusing on material goods, we often confuse happiness with something we are able to buy, for example clothes, a car or a house. We even believe in being able to purchase feelings, when thinking of a particular network provider selling freedom by offering 100 gigabytes of data. In fact this is where all confusion begins. Capitalistic systems will always leave an impression of dissatisfaction in order to sustain purchasing power. How else would it be possible for businesses to maintain sales or even succeed profit maximization if they had given us the feeling of frugality and contentment? There is a logical explanation for their actions - in order for businesses to survive we must feel incomplete. Whole marketing agencies are dealing with these behavioral patterns, coming up with the most effective way for us to convince ourselves: I NEED THIS! Refusing to deal with the most important question: DO I REALLY? Mental structures as described above are often found in “western civilized” societies. Beyond that they reflect our current life situation. It feels as if we were stuck mistaking a flexible and movable variable with a solid constant. Happiness is not a place, it is a choice! If permanently given energy to something we do not have, we emphasize and encourage the feeling of incompleteness, eventually resulting in emptiness. As a matter of fact, we mix up happiness with greed. The greedy feeling of experiencing happiness once again by consuming a new item, regardless of its relevance. It is obvious, a mindset like this will never lead to happiness. At the end of the day it is not about what we really need, but what we think we need! WELCOME TO CW #25: ATTRACTION!


In this calendar week’s blogpost I want to talk about attraction. Attraction is an energy we create by establishing thoughts resulting in a mindset. Growing up, a lot of aspects such as family and society will have an impact on us. What we do is to create a mindset build upon things we experience and we were taught in a particular way. Furthermore we learn to deal with situations based on our desires but also others beliefs. Sometimes though, due to personal bias, we tend to neglect the powerful position we are in, the fact that everything around us is a choice. Most often it is based on our laziness of not wanting to bear responsibility. In CW #10 we have already talked about this issue. Being responsible relies on making decisions. It is the power of choice that will make a difference in life, because everything is a choice. Even happiness is a choice, the choice of welcoming positive thoughts and developing a proactive mindset. It is your choice in what you want to give energy to. So choose wisely, because what you focus on you will ultimately create. This is what attraction is all about. If you consider experiences as problematic, you will eventually miss their opportunities. Hence, we want to focus on situations and options rather than problems. Having said this, attraction is something we are able to control.


The “law of attraction” is a concept based on the idea that everything is energy. Therefore human beings as well as their thoughts are considered to be energy hence carry mutual dependency. With that in mind, the development and actions of a positive mindset will lead to positive experiences, vice versa. When speaking of attraction we refer to the ability of encoding our thoughts and creating their reality. It is the ability to attract all sorts of things into our lives by believing in them and focusing on their emergence. In various articles you will find the description “human magnet”, wanting to express energetic interdependence. In this way, when sending out particular thoughts and emotions we are able to attract an equivalent outcome. The “law of attraction” has no scientific background rather than historical development. Based on Buddha’s teachings

“What you have become

is what you have thought”

and other philosophies, such as the idea based on “Karma” saying output is input, attraction has been recognized in numerous ways for many years. The difficulty is to understand that all decisions in life, either positive or negative are caused and created by ourselves. Now that might feel like successfully boiling a cracked egg. Though once you have understood how to manage the temperature so the egg does not leak you are able to profit from its potential. Focus on renewing your mindset with courage and hope. You are responsible for your life, and your life only. So take charge! Leave fear, worry and negativity behind because it holds you back. Be aware of this! You are the creator and the controller. Be happy. You have the right to feel happy if you choose so! Realize what life has to offer for you, an empty book ready for you to be written. Do not just copy and paste because you are the only author of this book. Make choices and create a story, your very own one. This is how you are able to realize what you have written. And if you do not like a chapter, do not quit. The story is not over. You have unlimited pages to be written. Continue and customize your story to your needs and wishes. You are in control of the last chapter!

In the following I would like to introduce a tiny but effective method for you to start your very own little “law of attraction” project. We have already dealt with affirmation and I will continue to include these in the future blogposts. This time I want you to make use of a visualization method.


I want you to always have a look at your pieces of interest. Create your personal affirmations concerning your visualization items as well and start attracting. Make this a conscious choice and believe in your power of creation. You may forget them for a while but try to keep them at a save spot because this method is meant to last for years. If you like, you are more than welcome to rearrange or add items. Lastly, I want you to use your envelope for personal evaluation purposes. It will help to realize and understand growth.

Choose to attract.

Have a lovely calendar week #25!