We all have this - this moment of senselessness. A moment in which we look at life from a different perspective. Sometimes we even feel a certain nostalgia when reflecting upon previous stages of life. It’s the experiences we have made that shaped us, often we are too busy, strongly stuck in everyday’s responsibilities and habits to understand their impact on us. Moreover, we lose sight of what’s really important, not for the image we try to sell, but for the path we are truly supposed to walk on, OUR PERSONAL GROWTH. With this blogpost I would like to share my personal story with you and hopefully make an irresistible offer. WELCOME TO CW #22: DISCOVERY!


So far, the CAACTUS Effect has been an amazing project. Not only am I able to share life ideas with you (whoever knows me will have figured out by now, sharing is my passion). What is more, with every single Monday’s blogpost I open myself to a whole new topic and gain much more than any job could ever offer. A platform to reflect upon past experiences, to establish understanding for its occurrence and to position myself into a world I truly want to be part of. My world. Now this may sound selfish or ignorant. But if you are true to yourself, you already know that when the cup is empty, no one will have a sip of water!

The reason why I do all this, is not because I want to exclude myself from society or even live off others. Which in fact you do not have to if you really believe in your vision and dedicate all you have to reach your dreams. The roots to this project were created almost four years ago. Yes, that is how long it took me to finally realize, all I need I already have. Everything else will find my way. To be honest, much of these years was restructuring my job perspective, creating a healthy mindset, getting rid of everything material and immaterial that would just weigh me down, dealing with personal issues, establishing my very own future vision and lots of affirmations! It was kind of like a branding I did, using affirmations day by day for every possible situation. Sounds crazy but it works. Slowly but surely, sometimes subconsciously, I was working my way not up, not down, but right into my perspective. I do not want to convey a message as if I was the perfect example and do not experience any sorrow or grief. We all go through rough times, so do I! I have just readjusted my vision. Now, I am convinced that there is a really thin line between going through struggles and feeling inspired, which changes just everything.

The Discovery Wheel


The Discovery Wheel is a simple sketch of ten stages sooner or later all of us go through. If there is a difference, it will only be the pace which is totally not in our interest! Also the stages might jump back and forth. Generally though, it is a very natural procedure of how growth can be seen. As I was saying previously, the “struggling zone” and the “inspiring zone” are just an inch apart. Sometimes it is as crazy and at the same time simple as this. Everyone is able to go through all zones. This is what we are capable of and this is what we are meant to do. Allow yourself to go through all zones. Encourage the unknown. Either way, this is where you will find all knowledge, or even wisdom. Give it a try! Do not be afraid of being stuck in one zone. Life is like a wheel. It is and never will be in standstill. Life is always in constant movement. So, next time if you think of your stages in life, try to link yourself with the Discovery Wheel. There is no wrong or right. In fact, it is the actions that count!

While going through my very own discovery wheel, I have realized that staying in my comfort zone does not fulfill my desires. I felt, I had to move. So, I did. Just a few travels. And it opened my eyes for something I could have never imagined before. Life is colorful, life is vivid and life is diverse! Maybe it is not so much about the travels. I do not support the mindset saying traveling will solve all problems. The reality is, that it doesn’t. Maybe it is about consciously leaving the comfort zone (including boring, oppressive and frustrating zone), forcing the struggling zone to appear. I guess this is what most of us are afraid of. The fear of the unknown (also dealing in CW #19, 20 and 21). The unknown that seems to be in struggles. But actually, this is the moment the wheel starts to spin and welcomes new zones. Zones that will enable us to grow, to move forward and to fulfill our dreams!

This is my dream. And I feel motivated to collect the fruits.


Not long ago I moved to Crete, an island in the very south of Greece, my country of origin. This is my very own CAACTUS base, the dream I was working on for many years. My lifestyle is simple, yet minimalistic. But it has much more to offer than the biggest supermarket you can think of. Little did I know, living in a hostel would lead to beautiful encounters and unknown opportunities. That way an amazing local project has started, named Meet & Cheese - Heraklion’s secret gems, an alternative walking tour, and finally led to an integration with CAACTUS Effect. May I introduce…


From now on you will be able to read all about Crete’s secret gems on my new project “the CAACTUS Experience”.

Explore the world, discover yourself!

Have a wonderful calendar week #22.