How often do you put yourself in a situation in which you feel unfamiliar regarding its setting? I will give you an exact example. Do you sometimes travel on your own, visit foreign countries, being on a flight without having family and friends around, and staying at an accommodation where the majority of people around you appear to be complete strangers? Have you ever been in a situation like this, in which you were forced to establish your very own comfort zone all alone, not being able to rely on your friend’s communication skills or your mother’s caring interactions? Sure, I agree, it sounds scary and most of us reject an opportunity like this. As a matter of fact, it is often the thoughts about being alone that puts us in fear. Whereas in reality fear fails to exist because it is nothing we can put in a bag and carry around. What we often do though is to hold on to fear as if it was a piece of pizza, refusing to let go in case we feel hungry. Indeed, it is as if the pizza resembled its own security system to immediately serve cravings and insecurities. When in fact the only effect the pizza causes is the increased weight we have to carry. So, I agree, feeling fear is real. Strictly speaking it is a precise and vivid thought created in our imagination only, where it ends up living and developing until we find the courage to take a chance. When transferring fear into activity we are able to experience an automatic dissolution of its existence. Because the moment fear exits the borders of our mind and touches reality it fails to survive. WELCOME TO CW #20: DENIAL!


Growing up we experience something called the comfort zone. It is a familiar setting in which our actions are adjusted to society’s standards. The comfort zone is an establishment based on the Go’s and No-Go’s of our social environment. Basically, it represents a general mindset, however individuality struggles to participate. Any actions we put in practice, we are aware of its consequences, in a good and a bad way. Having said this, we often deny to interact outside the areas of comfort due to its uncertain terrain. In fact, what we are missing is action patterns. Based on these thoughts we often deny to discover the unknown. It refers to a refusal of what actually is requested. A zone in which we are able to experience real growth. The development of a new area formed by our individual desires and beliefs, when leaving routines behind and committing to change. Indeed, by denying the truth that there is more to find outside the well-known barriers, we stop ourselves from evolving. A very famous quote says: “The sky is the limit.”, but look up, there is much more to find above the clouds that we know of and see daily.



The CLOUD THEORY is based on a more visual example for you to gain understanding concerning the growth zone. Clouds stand for the comfort zone. Every single one of us lives on a little cloud, similar to a familiar social environment in which we acquired skills to survive. These skills relate to one particular cloud only. Furthermore, our action patterns allow to interact within our cloud. However, in many cases its outside area remains untouched. Often we hear of great transformations, Buddha like awakenings, when in fact it has nothing to do with philosophical transcendence. Sometimes a change in lifestyle forces to put down habits and discover different clouds. Initially what sounds kind of rough, actually enables an extensive perspective. The whole issue of transformation is simple. It is about being able to change, truly. It is the courage and boldness people have to walk outside the boundaries of their familiar clouds, to live on foreign clouds in order to finally create their individual ones.

Do you sometimes catch yourself refusing to do things because of its unfamiliarity? Leave the denial and rejection behind. Encourage yourself to do different things. Put yourself in unfamiliar situations. Jump out of your well-known and secure cloud and explore the horizon. There is much more to find. The sky is not the limit. It is just the end of one area but at the same time the beginning of a whole new one, your personal journey!

Have a wonderful CW #20.