Life is fast. Life is wild. And, life is unpredictable. The more we expect life to proceed the way we imagine it to do, the less we experience things to develop in our favor. Supposedly. Life is full of surprises. Today we may feel angry because of one particular situation, for instance walking into a grumpy bus driver in the morning. Tomorrow we may feel bright due to a complimenting message. Mood is changing constantly and unforeseeable. Have you ever heard of the expression “it depends”? Yes, I agree. Life depends on a lot of things. And all of us try to respond the most appropriate way we can. But sometimes, there is just not a clear answer, no strict “yes” or “no”. Sometimes, there is just an “i don’t know”. In fact, what we are trying to accomplish is a wider view, a different type of perspective to enable multiple options. Options for us to choose from. So, actually an “i don’t know” does not mean that we are inconsistent, unstable, unable or failing. It just means that we want to take advantage of time to reflect, to consider and to choose. Valuable time to step inwards and realize that all answers we crave for, we already have - somewhere buried inside of ourselves. WELCOME TO CW #18: MEDICINE!


For the past weeks, since December 31st 2018 to be precise, we have dealt with all kinds of topics within CAACTUS blog project. From talking about culture, dealing with responsibility, stepping forward towards a dualistic mindset, establishing balance as well as making use of stress and crisis in our favor. What for, all this effort, the profound analysis and comparison? What we have tried to create is AWARENESS, the first step of experiencing the CAACTUS Effect. Being aware means being able to observe the surrounding including oneself. Moreover it implies the development of knowledge which leads to well-founded perceptions.

By now, we have finished one major part and my last message to you is that you are all the medicine you need. Change starts within you and transforms into something very beautiful called life - vivid and exciting. No matter what happens and how we feel treated by our surroundings, at the end of the day it is us who decide how to make an impact on our existence. Eventually, we have to understand that life does not work in no ones favor. Life is and will always be in constant movement. The question is, how far can we adjust to its characteristics and accept this CHALLENGE enabling us to grow?

The following image I would like to present to you, is displaying the interaction between “stress” and “resource”. Further, its intention is to describe life’s traits, the permanent move. The confrontation of the two terms visualize how effectively they treat each other. Basically, they are mutually dependent. Stress, in social terms carrying negative connotation, challenges us to manage situations. What is more, it exposes unfavorable mindsets, individual worries and concerns, inadequate coping strategies and to a large scale even feeling overloaded concerning life settings. By being aware of this process, we allow ourselves to evolve upon stress. In fact, we may “use” stress as a fertilizer and enable a kind of metamorphosis. It is a constant act of internal and external exchange, which indeed brings out progress. To strike an effect upon “stress” we have to understand this type of interchange in the course of growth. Our individual resources will only function as soon as there is a reason. Hence, managing a situation based on inadequate coping strategies will most likely lead to strain. Initially, we feel tension, discomfort and discouraged. Most significant though is to realize the potential of stress that simultaneously allows growth by effecting individual properties, such as establishing self-worth and self-efficacy as well as experiencing adequate coping strategies. The reason why I want to transfer this image to you is because I believe in resource development caused by malfunction. In my opinion there is a huge potential we can use to overcome and make actual progress. Making mistakes is not a bad thing. In fact, it is the only way to enable transformation. Life happens and we are not always prepared. Though we can do one thing. We can try to accept the fact that we are responsible for our lives. It is up to us to decide, which door to open and how to respond. Be aware of your actions, but mind your reaction, too.


Before finishing this article I would like to add a short reminder, the extraordinary cactus story, the transformation of a marvelous plant. Thinking of its threat caused by nothing less than stress in form of climate change, truly being a species killer. The so-called „performer of nature“ has undertaken a complex upgrowth by understanding the dynamic, vivid and hence changeable environment it lives in. One could say it has started an inventory whereby it observed a massive amount of impacts that could possibly destroy or actually enhance its being. As a result the cactus has activated an adaptive capability which consequently led to a benefit of its own mechanism to transform and thereby obtain its own species, stunning than ever before. The cactus transformation truly is the prime example of how stress is not only useful, but necessary to enable growth!

This is the last article in the course of CREATE AWARENESS [CA]. The goal was to establish consciousness regarding ourselves and our surroundings, our individual traits, our motifs and desires, and the overall interaction between stress and resource development as a matter of growth. So, what is next? Upcoming Monday we will begin with the following phase called ACCEPT CHALLENGE [AC] setting a focus on how to realize opportunities and embrace the challenge pursuing the CAACTUS Effect.

I want you to have a wonderful CW #18. You deserve it!