The difference between successful people and those who fail to succeed is nothing but a small yet significant detail. Everyone has dreams. Fantasizing about life’s outcome makes living interesting. It gives hope to people that someday they will receive what they have asked for. It makes individuals become active and pursue their deep rooted desires. Surely, it takes courage to make that particular first step. In contrast to those who await for life changes to emerge by themselves, those who are brave enough to actively shape their living situation are one step ahead. Life is not a race, neither a social comparison project. However, individuals learn from each other, from role models and those who deal with life in an alternative way. It helps to think outside the box, to reflect on deadlocked living conditions and to gain faith for future actions. Because what it takes to fulfill dreams and become successful is a lot of staying power. As a matter of fact, the difficulty is to not give up, especially in times of failure, disappointment and misfortune. The key to success is to stick to your plans regardless of your primary expectations. We must be flexible and build perseverance. We must believe in ourselves and work for our dreams. And, most important, we must never forget why we have started. WELCOME TO CW #45: POWER!


Power can be interpreted ambiguously. On the one hand it stands for strength, performance and achievements. On the other hand power represents force, control and pressure. Most definitely its meaning has a significant impact on individuals, sometimes even in a negative way, especially when it is being misunderstood and misused. We often do not realize power’s harmful character. However, its expression can be observed in the way we deal with situations. While trying to keep up with society’s ever increasing speed and expectations we create tension and pressure. We manage life almost blindly for the sake of success and prestige. Meanwhile we ignore to ask ourselves whether this is the lifestyle we are looking for, or if there are deep rooted, undiscovered desires that are in need of our attention.

We lose sight for what is important to us, many times unconsciously.

What is more, we fail to create direct confrontation with bothering life aspects. Indeed, by keeping social standards alive we become unaware of our personal wishes. Beyond that, we accept prefabricated life concepts but we do not acknowledge our own’s. This leads to steadily growing dissatisfaction. At the same time we accumulate negative associated habits which makes the development of clarity much more difficult. Pursuing life by the ideas of others makes us passive participants. Moreover blaming others for our state of being will become a common practice. Furthermore we start to complain about life and lose hope for a more suitable outcome. In the end we become our own misery, when in fact it is our responsibility to blame ourselves for the environment that we have chosen, regardless of its unconscious characteristic. It is our duty to focus on ourselves, to find no more excuses and to seek more appropriate ways of acting. Because blaming everything and everyone, even if we constantly blame ourselves, will never lead to changes. We must learn to understand the reason of pent-up emotions and start to release the inner tension by letting go. This way we will be able to experience power in a positive way and to appreciate its transformative effect. 


Certainly we are able to pursue our dreams,

but we must commit to our mission! We must be ready to exit the comfort zone. That zone that has been causing pressure and discomfort for so long. That one zone that we thought was the only one. Like every mission, we should look for realistic and doable goals. Focus on small steps in order to experience self-efficacy. In doing so you will realize that everything you need to start your transformation is already in you. You must only trigger the very first impulse in order to approach your personal desires and aspirations in life. Believe in yourself and your mission. Follow your dreams and make them alive! Ignore what others may say about your vision and goals. Often, fears of society are expressed by limiting other’s life goals. They will sometimes make others suffer in order to to distract from themselves. Do not allow other people to affect you in a negative way because of their personal dissatisfaction. Try to let go of personal vulnerability and be a role model. Do what needs to be done. Stick to your goals regardless of its first outcome. Especially when you think that you have done everything necessary. Do not give up! Because that is the moment when success differs from failure. The moment of true staying power! 

Be yourself!