Life sometimes is difficult and often appears without any sense. Especially in larger communities in which we hurry to survive. Suppressing ourselves, in particular our emotions, by aiming to please others, also socially constructed wannabe aspirations, leads to stress and pressure. Why do we care so much about what others might think of ourselves? Why is a clean-cut image of that relevance? Certainly, we are living in a persuasive bubble in which we must constantly convince others of our uniqueness and strength. We have acquired all sorts of methods in order to receive attention. Sadly, most often, it is falsely-mistaken with feelings of love which is why we blindly hunt fake respect and appreciation. What is more, by deforming our characters, we ignore our inner selves and disallow deep routed desires to reveal and to develop. Beyond that we are not able to establish boundaries which leads to non-autonomous and externally controlled behavior. From now on you are what others want you to be. You are a reaction to society’s thoughts. However, you are just a syllable away from having control over your life and becoming who you really are, with pride and justification. WELCOME TO CW #44: PROACTIVE! 


What is life?

It is our thoughts, our responses and our impacts. We shape things and situations. We make them alive. Without our input life is inexistent. In fact, it is dead and life’s development opportunities disappear. Apart from that, we establish purpose since objects alone do not carry meaning. Their prestige is based on our creation. What is more, there are two ways to respond to situations and therefore influence life. We have the chance either to react to life situations, or proactively shape its outcome. The term “proactive” is a neologism formed out of two word elements. Pro (Greek) meaning “before” and active (Latin) referring to “a move”, “a doing”. Therefore proactivity means to act in advance. While traditional behavioral psychology has distinguished individual performance based on their actions and reactions. Modern approaches include proactivity pointing out forward-looking, transformative and autonomous behavior. When dealing with life in a proactive way, we are not just reacting to situations. Quite the contrary, we make sure to have strengthen our response abilities and therefore create self-initiated and goal-oriented actions. Rather than squeezing ourselves into shapes we do not fit in, we take control and make life happen. Proactive individuals do not wait for something to happen. They bear responsibility for themselves and therefore trigger transformation on their own. In addition, life is considered a self-designed process which is why reasons for misbehavior and failure are not seen in outside circumstances. In other words, there is no need to blame others for our life story since individual behavior is understood as a product of conscious choice. 

THE TRIPLE A’s or how to be proactive!


Certainly proactivity includes courage, patience and persistence. It is similar to proficiency. Being able to create awareness and accept life’s challenges regardless of the situation or context is a profound skill. As a matter of fact, it is a necessity for experiencing individual growth. We will always find excuses which is why mastery lays in ourselves only. We must deal with situations in a proactive way in order to be able to initiate life. We must establish values in order to create our future. We must interact with our emotions and feelings in order to be able to choose ourselves. Our existence is based on a trilogy consisting of body, mind and soul. All three components work together and deserve the same amount of attention. What is more, our bodies serve as symptom producers creating a physical response  in case of maltreatment. Often, we are busy fighting the symptoms when, in fact we are wasting our life time.  Also, we prefer to blame outside conditions, even naming these as we do when we talk about stress. Surely, it seems to be an easy solution cutting out parts of our bodies in form of a surgery or taking pills to silent the inner voice. But, is this a profound solution? Isn’t there something behind this noise we should know of? It is difficult to understand that our soul speaks through our bodies in form of stress. It will be our advantage to learn this “language” and therefore create balance within the human trilogy. However if we continue to ignore this natural mechanism, we will never be able to have an impact on situations, nor to proactively influence our lives. Our mind will remain in the same position and it will continuously fool our perception.

So, let’s not be the marionette of our lives. Let us consciously hold the strings and lead ourselves to the life we are asking for. 

Have a wonderful week!