Which thought strikes your mind when you look back at the year 2018? Most likely you have visited foreign places, have met new people and have experienced unknown situations. A whole year has passed in which you were given the possibility to discover life as an adventure, to write a story in an empty book. Are you pleased with the decisions you made?


hello dear reader,

this is it - the last hours of 2018 - an emotional rollercoaster begins! At this point of time we mostly go through mixed feelings. We probably catch ourselves extraordinary excited or we might even tend to feel melancholy - sometimes both at the same time. It is a situation full of tension, and this emotionally loaded setup is completely acceptable! When situations turn to an end we are looking for solutions, for strategies to let go of circumstances we have experienced. Meanwhile we are motivated to build up new thoughts, new methods and new attitudes. This is what we name New Year’s Resolution. It is a commitment that we make at New Year´s Day. 

Its etymological background is found in the latin term resolvere and further resolutio which, in Late Middle English was translated into the words „letting go“ and „release“. For hundreds of years making resolutions has been a tradition. By committing to this act we decide to make changes concerning our thinking and behavior. Furthermore we allow ourselves to achieve a personal goal whose purpose is to enhance our life in long-term perspective intentionally. Think of it as a strong will, a determination. Eventually we are aiming for transformation. Our ancestors had already performed this specific statement of intent. In the community of the Roman empire it had been a common practice to make promises to Janus, a god for whom the month of January is named. Also in Jewish tradition similar aspects are found. During Rosh Hashanah, which is understood as Judaism´s New Year, people celebrate Yom Kippur - the culmination of High Holidays and the „Day of Atonement“. Yom Kippur is about reflecting on the past year and the mistakes that were made in order to find peace. Overall the concept behind the act of resolution is to reflect upon self-improvement on an annual basis. Therefore human beings created a chronological structure easy to follow. Basically it is a human natural desire to pursue personal growth and individual development. While doing so, top priority is to let go of emotional dependencies by accepting the end (of the year) as a closing chapter. Yet always keep in mind - an end symbolizes the greatest start. Make it your own personal beginning. Welcome to CAACTUS effect’s CW#1: RECAP!

How do you feel about 2018? Has it been the way you have previously created your thoughts about? Maybe you had even written down a few notes earlier that year. At this point it is important to spend some time reflecting on the resolution you have made for this almost past year of 2018, just like our ancestors did. Do you remember your resolution? Take the time you need to yourself.

Mostly we spend time focusing on our new and upcoming resolution. They make us feel progressive. Though is there progress when no sort of evaluation what so ever has been made? Here I want to point out the relevant difference between experience and perception. Daily we experience all sorts of circumstances, e.g. personal fear, social exclusion or financial pressure. Sometimes we might even say: “This person is experienced in foreign communication standards”, meaning this person is well-educated in terms of unknown cultural differences concerning language (spoken and body). Furthermore this storyline implies an “easy-to-use” action. But what does this really mean? Does experienced really mean rich in action strategies? Yet have we really perceived meaningful insights by only absorbing randomly organized impulses? Spending a deeper thought on our individual happenings could possibly clarify uncertainties and lead to answers we have been craving for.

As for our resolution handling - that is the reason why it is important to point out our previous resolution. No matter if it is effective or invalid. Everything has the right to be and to change the way you feel about it. So now there is the time to confront yourself with your previous resolution. If you like, you may spend a few days on this question. Try to reflect as deep as possible. This is the moment of evaluation, of establishing your goals and your reality. This is the moment of creating awareness. When pointing out a subject, considering different perspectives and making a conclusive statement about a specific topic we become aware! Knowing and understanding the steps we have made to reach the moment we are at now is not only going to let go of long waited past mindsets and habits. Most important you yourself are going to establish new doors to be opened and researched by you. 

As for the upcoming New Year’s Resolution 2019 I would like to make a suggestions. And if you feel comfortable about it you are more than welcome to implement the action into your lifestyle. 

A MORNING ROUTINE. Start your day nice!

  1. Welcome your day

    What makes you alive is the unaware action of breathing. Experience and feel liveliness by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth to a fully active state of consciousness. You can make it a 4-times breathing procedure. But most important, look for your individual needs.

  2. Show your gratitude

    Ask yourself why this is a great day and what you care about in life. This way you are allow yourself to establish empathy and intuition.

  3. Visualize your goal

    See your vision as the future. Feel what it is like to be there. Always keep in mind - a goal is worth nothing without true effort!

  4. Establish your affirmation

    Treat yourself with a kind sentence of your choice. Here are some examples:

    “I trust myself”,

    “I learn from my mistakes” or

    “I have the strength to succeed my goals”.

    Make it your personal choice and remember - What you think is what you become!

This has been the first blog article, the first step within the first calendar week of 2019. I am very looking forward to welcome you all to this blog project called CAACTUS effect. Next week on Monday there is going to be a more detailed description of what the project´s content is all about and what it is inspired by. But first I want to wish you my deep and honest blessings for this upcoming year of 2019! May you face and discover the most aware experiences which will enable you to transform into your deepest self-conception. I most definitely will be right here for you to count on.



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