It has never been as fashionable as these days, probably. THE CACTUS. You see cactuses all over interior design, merchandise, photography, and many more. The cactus is vogue, and lately it has become a style icon. Even though the cactus´ outer appearance scares off firstly by its terrifying “spine-suit” - the real reason lies in something we may consider as having superpowers. From very tiny cactuses to twelve meter tall Saguaro cactus mostly popularized by its presence in movies, the Saguaro is able to store up to 900 liters of water. The cactus natural habitat is the dessert, in which nearly no rainfall occurs. However its water storage properties result in being the most desired living organism in the dessert!


hello dear reader,

What is this CAACTUS all about? And is there a connection to the actual cactus plant? To finally provide some definite statements upon some so far unanswered questions, in this article all hidden facts will be published in a tight but instructive framework.

CAACTUS is a concept dealing with self-awareness, self-acceptance and individual transformation. Hence its main concern covers aspects of personal growth. Within this blog project the reader and I are pursuing a common goal of understanding the importance of stress in the process of development. Rather than denying it, stress shall be internalized and maintained as the language of advancement. As a result, what we need to acquire are strategies to understand, organize and handle external influences in order to initiate transformation. This is seen as the key to personal growth and will be provided by a constructive learning method within publications of CAACTUS one-year blog project.

The word CAACTUS includes two parts of explaining its terminology. On the one hand it is inspired by the actual cactus plant and its massive strength of adaptive responsiveness and transformation throughout evolutional stages. Taking the cactus´ development into account, it flawlessly visualizes the acquisition of vital aspects to guarantee its balance and existence. In this case the cactus plant serves as an example. If you are interested in finding out more about the cactus´ extraordinary metabolism and transformation click here. On the other hand the term CAACTUS is an acronym representing a three-step approach in which CAACTUS stands for: Create Awareness | Accept Challenge | Transform Using Stress. These are the three main phases of CAACTUS effect which are going to lead the reader through the entire blog project within the year of 2019. Likewise, they are considered as the three most important components in the context of personal growth concepts.

Yet another blog, another self-named life coach, another very important life philosophy that needs to be shared? Certainly these are the critics this concept is facing. Although the massive flooding of spiritual inputs has outstandingly increased above average, within CAACTUS effect this wave of commercializing positivity and health promotion will be abandoned. As a conclusion I have decided to share all my thoughts and knowledge concerning stress and personal growth on this platform as a completely free-content blog. You will be given the opportunity to initiate a self-determined process of personal development by following the blog articles.

As previously stated, CAACTUS runs throughout the year of 2019. Consequently calendar weeks serve as a temporal grid in which once a week - on Mondays - a blog article is going to be published. The blog project covers all of 2019´s 52 calendar weeks [CW] + the first calendar week of 2020, which is going to be Monday, December 30th 2019. This makes it a total of 53 calendar weeks. CAACTUS is suited with its main acronym based categories [CA | AC | TUS], as well as an intro and an outro. The intro and outro will be discussed in the sum of 5 calendar weeks. Within the three main categories [CA | AC | TUS], four subcategories will be published, e.g. “Question” [CW#3-6]. All subcategories will run four weeks and are suited with each four topics, e.g. CW#2 LAUNCH, concluding to an equal amount of 48 calendar weeks, in order to talk about the main concerns. Furthermore the subcategories are given as process stages in the course of CAACTUS and its effect. Beneath the visualization is attached to make this framework topic more clear.

It could have been a book - I often hear. True. But in this case I was looking for something more contemporary and up-to-date which at the same time symbolizes progression. Furthermore the topic of personal growth is in need of a rather open and liberal foundation. In my opinion a blog project runs totally independent concerning user friendliness in terms of activity and service. Additionally it reduces the level of pressure, since holding a book and knowing that all significant knowledge is laying between two covers could create discomfort. It is important to acknowledge and accept the factor of time as well as the necessity of true dedication towards this very private and personal subject.

The goal of CAACTUS effect is to understand the meaning of stress and distinguish its effect on human beings. In regards to individual development, it is inevitable to pursue a life without stress. CAACTUS effect is NOT a platform for supernatural, highly-awakening or overdosed health mania. Many topics that are going to be covered could firstly cause disorientation even mental confusion. From a pedagogically perspective speaking, irritation is the groundwork for rebuilding new mental structures and by this adequate action strategies. This matter is seen as the foundation of personal growth.

However you are the one to decide rather CA(A)CTUS is the one prick worth dealing with! In any case keep in mind - there is no perfect time to start your journey of personal development. The beginning itself makes it complete. All blog articles will be accessible to you at any time, which means you can start this project at a later point as well!

With this last paragraph I would like to end the INTRO phase of CAACTUS effect. If you have any concerns regarding the procedure or if you need further background information concerning the concept itself, please do not hesitate to contact me. Click here if this is the case. Next week you will get the chance to read the first contribution in the category Create Awareness [CA] talking about Dispositions. The leading questions are: “What makes you be YOU?”, “Which properties are innate, which ones are acquired?” and “Why are dispositions of importance in terms of personal growth?”.

Have a blessed week!