I am inviting you to make DAY ONE be December 31st. This is the official starting date of CAACTUS_effect. A one-year journey, not in Thailand, not in Australia but right into yourself! PERSONAL GROWTH - that is what you will find here. It is up to you to decide which way it is going to be! 


hello dear reader,

What exactly is personal growth? Science has shown diverse approaches understanding and operating in terms of personal development. Considering CAACTUS_effect‘s comprehension the perception and strengthening of INDIVIDUALITY and IDENTIFICATION represent two main aspects. Both subcomponents that not only help create self-assurance but most important lead to personal contentment and fulfillment. In order to reach the levels of personal growth three elements are being examined: 




The following scheme has activated an intersection of scientific theory backgrounds and pedagogical performance. CAACTUS_effect is a one-year FREE blog project running throughout the year 2019. Its primary focus is to talk about aspects of personal growth, such as identification and individuality. Whereas its main purpose is to explore and develop personal resources, for instance coping strategies and adaptive responsiveness. The name is an acronym characterizing a three-step consecutive phase model.


Create Awareness | Accept Challenge | Transform Using Stress

The practice to this concept is implemented in regularly published blog articles, each based on a mind trigger method to initiate perturbation - a disturbance impact that allows  critical scrutiny of even deadlocked mindsets. Furthermore this procedure makes individual approach possible by the usage of client-oriented techniques. CAACTUS learning comprehension is based on the combination of two main learning theories: constructivism and connectivism. Therefore I believe in a reality that is constructed by our thoughts and with our actions - life is not a romantic fortune cookie, it is our creational impact. And with technological progress we have the possibilities of sharing and connecting our visions in order to enrich our existence. 

When it comes to personal growth all that really matters is our perspective. If we want control over the setting surrounding us, we need to work on the mind first. There is one attitude we can establish now - it is the strategy to choose thoughts the way we select food when we do grocery shopping. Let us cultivate a mindset that will enable us to visualize individual needs and consequently enhance its achievement. 

Personal growth is not only a wish to gain balance and satisfaction. More and more it has become a social demand. A requirement in a so-called „western“ lifestyle that enables flexibility in order to perform adaptability. What is highly missing is an educational platform. Neither our primary, nor our continuing educational system puts its main focus on truly identifying, developing and empowering personal resources. Instead our main emphasis is to produce post-industrial descendants who are „all-time-allrounder“. By now it is a widely known fact that school graduates are missing adequate personal tools to assemble their required „individual" biography which includes an innovative capability as well as the ability of self-marketing and self-(re)production. Beyond that the gap between skill and need has created a massive social impact often heard as experiencing „STRESS“. In fact what we are discovering is a feeling of overload, overwork and overstraining. Our wish of personal development is getting closer to a risk of social destruction. CAACTUS_effect is not the solution to a global problem of that dimension. It is rather seen as a first step of understanding actual conditions and an eye-opener as it serves an alternative handling. In case I have attracted your interest and my way of explaining and writing catches your attention, I would love for you to share your vibes with me and join CAACTUS on its one-year journey!


At this point I want to speak out my gratitude and appreciation to the people that surrounded me intensively in the past three years. Without naming a specific person - you have been a blast supporting me to establish this platform. It is your accomplishment as well. Cheers to YOU! 

Best wishes and an inspiring upcoming last week in 2018 to all of you!



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