caactus effect

dear CAACTUS community

I am Anastasia. Most people around me call me Ana. Feel free! Everything you are going to read, I have written since I enjoy writing. To be honest this has not always been the case. But this is what transformation does to us. We are able to acquire unknown and unused skills.

What I want to share with you is NOT how „buddha“ I am and what great of a balanced lifestyle I pursue, neither the idea of denying and preventing all stress around me. What I want to share with you are on the one hand ideas regarding personal growth I have created during my master studies of adult education/ lifelong learning focusing on health promotion. On the other hand my personal experiences which I have collected and reflected so far.

I was born and raised in a small town in Germany. Both of my parents are immigrants from Greece. At that period of time all descendants were issued passports by the parental country of origin. Consequently I grew up in Germany as a foreigner, which immediately put me in the position of constant cultural as well as social analysis and adaptation.

Why I chose to study adult education and lifelong learning? I just love humans. And even more their capacities of motivation and transformation. What I have enjoyed doing notoriously since I was a teenager was to support my fellow human beings when experiencing critical life situations. It has been my passion to examine complex circumstances. It is just who I am. Therefore I have created the CAACTUS_effect. A one year mental trigger blog project. My intention for you is to activate a transformation by using your own energy. I strongly believe and have discovered on my own, all you really need is yourself, all answers included. What I offer is creative space for your individual emotional expression and a one-year structured process that will help you do so. 

Most important is to deeply understand that life consist of struggle and pleasure. This is the duality of life and probably the only constant you can ultimately count on - as ironic it may sound. There is no life without it. Additionally there is no life without stress. Stress is what makes us develop as human beings and most definite keeps us alive. In magazines or online I often read articles with the title „a life without stress“. Meanwhile I am thinking: „Oh god!“ The false impression is not even to believe in getting rid of all stress surrounding us but rather the misunderstanding it causes. Having in mind that a happy and balanced life only occurs when all stress disappears leads to a strong irritation. In fact this is the result of why people believe they are extraordinary stressed. Comparing other lifestyles to ours - and this is just a normal act of human interaction - creates a discomfort and worry towards our own stress level. Consequently we feel tension when sometimes it is just the way of perception. Stress will always be neutral. It is our gift to make it the right company! 

During my development phase towards a young adult I faced many difficulties. Not only have I been confronted with the death of my father, my biggest problem was to show weakness. I was breathing perfection. At the end of the day this is the illusion that made my idea of life inconstant. In search of a new and rather stable sense in life I have realized that only imperfection is limitless, everything else puts us in handcuffs. 

And now?

Now you will see me smile, you will see me cry, you will see me happy, you will see me angry, you will see me enthusiastic, you will see me down, you will see me motivated, but most importantly you will see me HUMAN.